Piano Teacher, in her 30ties, married, patient, reliable, educated and precise, diplomated at conservatory, gives piano lessons at home with preference to kids of all levels and to people that started to play piano and would like to perfect the level. Elena has teaching experience since more than 15 years and is also working for the conservatory of padova where she accompanies student exams.
For more information please contact:


For Violin and Piano lessons:

Miss Sasha Marie Zabinski

Email address:

Telephone: 3491236620


Music School for different instruments (piano, violin, trumpet...)


Associazione dei genitori per la Musica e la Cultura

tel 328 3188691; fax 049 8713382; email:

Lessons are given in different public schools in the southern part of the city.


Flute teacher

Sara Pozzato - 328-4558098

Sara has been teaching several children of members of our group. She gives classes at home which makes it easy.


Music Together classes start in Padova very soon!

Location: Parish of Sacra Famiglia, Via Aosta 6, Padova

Please contact me if you want to attend!
Ivana: 349 87 49 688

Please check for more info on the courses in Padova.


Danza Musica e Spettacolo

Piazza Accademia Delia 1 Padova - 049 8774393 -

Spazio Danza Padova

Tel/fax: 049/624563
Padova - Via Riello, 5/A



Beginning Wednesday, October  10 at 18.00 at the school: Danza Musica Spettacolo, Piazza Academia Delia (in front of the Specola).


If any of you are still interested and want to send your child for a trial lesson, you can do so at anytime. Just send me an email or call me on the number below.
Trial lessons for adults and seniors:
These courses are due to be held in the mornings or early afternoons. If you are interested in having a go, then please feel free to contact me via email or by phone and I will be happy to give you all the details.
Trial lesson for the English drama course:
The trial lesson will he held (date and time to be confirmed) at Bel Teatro, Via Defilippesi, 9 (Madonna Pellegrina).
Please email or phone if you are interested. The course is also available for adults.
Many thanks
Sasha De Medici
+39 333 70 44 527