Out door activities

  • Visit of museum, exhibition of art...
  • Visit guided of Padova, Venise, Trevise, Vicenza,...
  • Visit of the beautiful Veneto's villas
  • Ride on bike or walking visiting a beautiful area
  • Go out in a restaurant
  • ...

The steering group proposes many activities like that during the year, and is ready to help you to make your idea come true...

So, check your e mail written by "internationalladiespadova", it could be a nice thing to do ! And write to us if you feel like : internationalladiespadova@yahoo.com


See some outdoors activities'photos we have done in the past :

Visit of Illy factory and Trieste on saturday with family : here

Bike outing to Monselice : here

Another bike outing around Padova : here

Hike in the Colli, as you can see, in the winter : here

Visit guided of Padova with Danish ladies : here

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