The International Ladies&Gents Group of Padova welcomes you to Italy. Our membership is over 100 strong and we represent many different nationalities.

We are a very active group who do a lot of things together; morning coffees, walking/running group, geography club, film group, music appreciation group, book club, exhibitions, trips, lunches and more. To hear about our upcoming events, please become a member of our group and receive the news from our mailing list.


Upcoming Events in 2017 

November 29 -   Wednesday at 7:30pm, Christmas Advent wreath and Decoration evening lasting approximately 3 hours.  The shop address is Lilla Via San Martino e Solferino, 35 122 Padova.

December 7 - Thursday 9:30-11:30am Monthly Coffee at Rinascente Roof Top Cafe

December 13 - Wednesday 12:30pm at restaurant La Piccola Trattoria, Rolando da Piazzola 21, Padova.  Yes, this is the same restaurant as last year and the year before and has now become our tradition.
As is also our tradition please bring along a Secret Santa gift, 5 euros max.  We will place these on a table and chose a different one for ourselves.

Year 2018:  

January 17:  Wednesday Van Gogh exhibit in Vicenza

February: Couples Evening, dinner and dancing in carneval costumes

May 5 & 6 in Gent, Beligum - Sat/Sun Weekend with the Ladies!

View our "Activities" on the bar to the left to see our theme focused gatherings!


Please email us at if you would like to join us, attend any of the activities or have some ideas about what we could do together!