Geography Club - Year 2019

We usually meet on a Thursday of each month from 6-8pm in the city center to discuss and share information about one city/country in the world over a drink and a snack.  It is informal and attendance varies from 7-10 participants. If you have visited or if you are only curious, come and join our international group! For further information, please contact: 

2019 Meetings

May 16th: Liverpool by Liz

September 12th: Mexico by Ericka

October 10th: Padova by Ines

November 14th: Peru by Patty

December 12th: 


Past Meetings and the countries/cities discussed:

November 2018: London, England presented by Katherine 

December 2018: Tokyo, Japan presented by  Mami

February 2019 Hong Kong, China presented by Fay

March 2019 Iran by Shari

April 2019  Philippines by Encar

South Africa  -    Iceland   -   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  -   Lyon, France