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I am a student of the University of Padova. I have spent the last year as a tutor for children in both maths and music (not as a strange a combination as it seems :) ).

For musicianship, I use a combination of Kodaly and Orff methods to teach singing, "inner voice", written musical notation and to develop the child's ear. In the music school where I worked ("esker children's music group") children attended these classes for between one and three years before beginning an instrument, the principle being that it encouraged musicality and made learning an instrument easier and more fun as the child had already acquired many of the musical elements required. This is education is intended for younger children (aged six and under) though I also teach piano traditionally for those aged six and over.

Tutoring in mathematics is more of a personal hobby I picked up in university and realised I had a passion for (My bachelor was in mathematics) but I have acquired much experience over the years. I taught primarily exceptionally able children and teenagers (who can also need some special attention sometimes!!) but I have taught people in all areas of the spectrum, including those who just need a little extra bit of help with homework :)

I am happy to conduct lessons in the students own home, please reply to this post or email me on if interested or you require any further information

September 12, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterRoisin